Whatsapp: How To change Registered Mobile Number to New One

For different reasons, people do change the number they used for registration on whatsapp. Whilst some user change it because they lost the previous sim, some prefer to swap because of biz reason. Any reason it might be, NSB is going to explain how you can change your mobile number easily on whatsapp in this very post. Just follow the post so you won’t be left behind;)
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Before i continue, click on Review of the Mobile Social App to learn more about whatsapp, its’ Founder and how it Works.
With the steps listed below, you’ll be able to change your whatsapp number to a new one

How To Change Mobile Number on Whatsapp

Step 1 >> Open your whatsapp application. Press option and Click on “About”.
Step 2 >> Move down to Account Info
Step 3 >> After the account Info has been clicked,you’ll see “Purchase Now, Send payment url and Change my Number”. Click on the change my number and a notification like the one below will come up

“Changing your account number will migrate your account info, group and settings.” Before proceeding, please confirm that you are able to receive SMS or calls at your new number

*. Click on Continue
*. In the first box, you are to input your old number whilst the second box will contain the new number.

Step 4 >> Once both the new and old number has been input, press “Change”.
*. An SMS(containning whatsapp pin) will be sent to the new number. In case an sms didn’t showup, try the CALL-OPTION.
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Step 5 >> After the pin has been sent to you, input it in the box provided and there you go! The status bar will start loading and your whatsapp number will be changed to the new one you requested for.

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