Best Free Android Apps for Learning Languages

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language apart from your Native language – so you can better interact with the world?. On this article you’ll discover and recover top best free android apps for learning languages and meeting the world.


Languages and the World Today

Languages plays a major factor in our day to day activities in life. This is because it is the most effective way by which we communicate our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas to the people around us. However it is not enough to learn about your own Native language alone as the world is such a very big place.

All thanks to Social Media; as meeting and connecting with people from different parts is now easier. Learning about other people’s languages makes you feel more connected with them and better expressed yourself.


Top Best Free Android Apps For Learning New Languages

While there are lots of android apps and resources out there for learning new languages; i have helped you to cull out some of the best, top and free android apps learning languages fast.

Some of them are;

*. Memrise – Fastest Way To Learn New Languages


Memrise is a language learning app that is the opposite of textbook learning – it’s enjoyable and effective. Founded in 2010, Memrise has quickly grown and now more than 40 million people in 189 countries learn languages with it to better themselves, connect with others and with the world around them.

Memrise combine rich content, saucy recipe of tech and science, with fun for people to learn languages easily. To get started; you can visit Memrise official website.


*. Duolingo – One of the Best Way to Learning Languages FREE

duolingo- learning new and foreign languages

Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. This is because you earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up as you progress. The lessons are also known to be tailored to suit learners need in order to help you learn effectively.
  You get to see immediate grading, stay motivated and as well as improve quickly. Visit to get started or download their app from Playstore.
From the Authors Desk

Learning a new language is a really very BIG thing and it will be an added advantage for you. Fortunately; you do not need to be in a classroom or enroll in a physical institution to start learning your languages of choice. You can simply select from the apps mentioned above and you’re good to go!.

Now over to you

When was the last time you tried to learn a new language and what was your major source of learning? I would like to hear your thoughts


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